Slidell Officer Donald Nunez Arrested for Perverted Acts with Child

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Slidell Police officer Donald Nunez was arrested yesterday for a series of perverted acts involving a child under the age of 12. He is now charged with obscenity, voyeurism, and two counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile under the age of 12. The Slidell Police Department (SPD) has placed Nunez on unpaid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation. He has been with the SPD since 1998.

SPD received a complaint two days ago and immediately requested assistance from the Louisiana Attorney General's Office due to the accused being one of their own. Not much is known as to the specifics of the case at this time. Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal released a statement saying, "Disgusting, sickening and reprehensible are just a few words that come to mind. Police officers are held to a much higher standard and have the delicate job of maintaining the publics trust. When I was informed about this complaint yesterday, we did not waste any time stripping this officer of his badge and placing him under arrest. This is a black eye on us all."

According to public records, Donald James Nunez is a 66 year old resident of Slidell, Louisiana last known to reside at 35530 Home Estate Drive. He has been linked to the phone number 985-640-5775. He is a registered Republican with a prior arrest in 1983 listed as failing to use reasonable vigilance while driving. The disposition of the case is not known. We are exempting Nunez's address from our usual courtesy of censoring home addresses of police officers because we think he is a danger to children and we want to help parents keep their kids away from him. Please do not use this information for any unlawful purpose.

In the video below, Dr. Rashad Richey describes this case quite well. He talks about the fact that this is probably not Nunez's only victim, the need to hold police officers to the same standards as everyone else, and the need to do a thorough investigation so that justice is done.

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