The Man responisble for ICE enforecement outside Sanctuary Cities

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Tracy Harrelson, his wife Yiota Harrelson and daughter Kristie Harrelson operate Simple Advantage Insurance Services Inc in Delano California, farm country. They con repossessors all over the Western Region to scan license plates in the migrant communities. Simple Advantage is paid 1 penny per scan. The scan is then sold to Immigration, Customs, Enforcement for $300 and then the ICE agent goes and arrests the migrants once they move out of the sanctuary cities based on the license plate scans that originate in AZ, CA, OR, WA, NV, & ID.

When our sources told Tracy what his is doing is not only morally wrong, but UN-American his response was "I'm a company man paid to do company business". His company business is the business of providing law enforcement with the most up-to-date location of vehicles based on license plate numbers.

There is not a need to know where a vehicle is hour-by-hour but under the current 2021 Motorola Solutions owned subsidiaries or models, companies like and basically the spy ICE agents need in Phoenix. If ICE has found your loved one it's because of Tracy or his family has sold the scan harvested, for free, as a courtesy for the ability to repossess cars. They want repossession fees, that is it.

They all are profiting from our suffering. Take your car and deport you, that is all they care about.

#BanLPRRepo #AbolishICE

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