Un-Registered ICE Intelligence Agent DRNData.com Jeremiah Wheeler

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Jeremiah D Wheeler has been running around America since he was canned by Primeritus when they took over ASR Nationwide Repossession services. He got a job as a puppet for DigitalRecognitionNetwork.com as their propagandist-in-chief.

Over the last decade, Jeremiah's UTPA and UN-AMERICAN business tactics, backed by Motorola Solutions has caused the Southern United States (RED STATES) local, municipal, and state law enforcement to be able to arrest thousands of Americans based on License Plate Recognition Technology.

We as Americans need this technology to prevent human trafficking, however, at the current business model, DRNData.com now has billions of "License Plate Scans" "Tag Hits" "Unique License Plate Scan" and other "Historical LPR Data" that Motorola will sell to anyone willing to pay. The scans are harvested by the hard working, minimum wage camera car drivers from Associates Asset Recovery and Professional Auto Recovery out of the Carolinas. Tony Cooper, the true owner, has sold his county out as well.

The scans the repossessors and camera car drivers are creating are allowing ICE to detain and deport our neighbors, friends, family, and other asylum seekers. This technology has been banned in Virginia already, the rest of the United States of America needs to follow suite or Jeremiah D Wheeler and Chesney D Wheeler's CW Growth Partners LLC fund will continue to rise in value, Motorola's stock will rise, and the American way of life will be watered down.

Besides unlawful detainment, arrest, or deportation, there are also several flaws in VaaS technology that require human oversight still to this day, not Ai. The United States of America is not China, however, at current times due to DRN's lobbyist, the State of Georgia (red voter ID state) is currently surrveilling it's citizens like The Chinese Communist Party does the Uyghur people.

Make America Great Again, Ban Automated License Plate Readers for repossession uses.

Google "Jeremiah Wheeler DRN" and you will find countless videos of him expressing how he violates our constitutional rights via morally wrong technology.

The Repo Alliance never gives up #HoustonStrong #TexasPride #RollTide #WAREagle #NeverForget

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