Rochester Police Officer Steven Kovacic Arrested for Drunk Driving

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Rochester Police officer Steven Kovacic was discovered passed out drunk behind the wheel in Wayne County on Monday. He was arrested for drunk driving, driving to the left of pavement markings, and illegal parking. Deputies say that Kovacic was partially blocking traffic on State Route 441 East of Canandaigua Road in Walworth with his vehicle and they were able to determine that Kovacic was drunk despite his refusal to take a breathalyzer test. He was booked and released with orders to appear in court in the near future. The RPD has re-assigned Kovacic to administrative duty.

We have noticed this past year that the RPD is one of the worst police departments in America when it comes to holding their own accountable. The fact that their officers are allowed to keep their jobs when found passed out drunk behind the wheel blocking traffic is just one example of something foul at the RPD. Last year we exposed every piece of personal information we could find belonging to 7 RPD officers responsible for the in custody murder of an unarmed black man experiencing a mental health crisis ( Earlier this year we exposed the identities of several officers responsible for pepper spraying a 9 year old black girl ( Several officers involved in the pepper spraying incident were allowed to remain on active duty and two of them participated in the assault of a black mother while she held the hand of her young daughter (

According to public records, Steven J. Kovacic is a 53 year old resident of Rochester, New York. He is a registered Republican with no prior criminal record.

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