Portland Police Bureau Sgt John Mark Edwards DPSST 32391

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Portland Police Bureau Sgt John Mark Edwards of PPB East Precinct is a former Multnomah County Sheriff's Office corrections deputy that unilaterally transfered to the Portland Police Bureau in 2004. In 2008 he was unable to pay the mortgage on the house and needed cash fast. He started extorting motorist. He would ask for money for a soda, and if you could not afford it he'd order your vehicle towed. Retriever Towing and Sergeants Towing have had Edwards on the payroll since 2004. In August 2007 he purchased this home for $380K. 14 years later the market value is still only $486K. His wife takes care of their disabled daughter in addition to his other 2 children.

His base salary is $81.391.07. He made an additional $64,471.26 in overtime and other pay. Total wages $145,862.33 on the W2 books. $12,155 a month is what the City of Portland pays this asshole to violate citizens civil rights. The rest they say is in LEDS/CAD brought to you by Motorola Solutions.

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