Johnson City Officer David Smith Arrested for Domestic Assault

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Johnson City Police officer David Smith is the latest cop to bring his violent tendencies home with him and take it out on his significant other. He now faces charges of aggravated domestic assault after allegedly drinking, pinning his girlfriend against a cabinet, holding a gun to her head, and threatening to kill her several times. She then broke free, ran to a bathroom, and started filming with her phone. Smith, like all cops, doesn't like to be filmed, so he took her phone from her, but he didn't stop it from recording (probably because he didn't know how). She eventually got the phone back, ended the recording, and fled to the police department.

Washington County Sheriff Elizabeth Denton was quick to condemn Smith by saying he "was determined to be the primary aggressor." Smith was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on Saturday and later released on $25,000 bail. The Johnson City Police Department has not released a statement, so his status with the department remain unknown. Officers are usually placed on administrative leave in situation such as this. Whether that leave includes pay varies from place to place.

David E. Smith is a 46 year old resident of Gray, Tennessee.

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