Defendant Philip Hubert Admits Being Present at the Scene of the Crime

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It is not just the bad lighting that makes Philip Arthur Hubert III look so creepy in this photo. To this day he still sports the same flat top haircut and wears the same weirdo glasses when he goes to work at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC). He has since shaved his beard, but the rest is still the same. It can make someone wonder how old the person on the other end of that cam conversation was. Did a lifetime of babysitting guys caught in internet predator stings make Philip Hubert want to go home and try the same thing? Your guess is as good as mine.

What I do know for sure is that Deputy Hubert is a liar. I found that out in 2017 when Hubert participated in a cell extraction that ended with Deputy Timothy Barker intentionally breaking my arm after taking me to the disciplinary unit and after I had been completely cooperative for several minutes. Hubert then falsely accused me of assaulting him and omitted misconduct by other deputies from his incident report.

About midway through his write-up, Deputy Hubert describes Sgt. Matthew Ingram assaulting me by saying "despite several focused blows by Sgt lngram to lnmate Sullivan's right arm he still refused to put his arms behind his back." Hubert's statement implies that it is alright for a guard to repeatedly punch an inmate. They just have to say that their motive for throwing punches was the inmate not following instructions. They have ways to subdue a non-compliant inmate without resorting to "focused blows" or however else they want to describe a guard closing his fist, pulling back his arm, and striking an inmate.

Then he falsely accused me of trying to kick him and other staff members, but maybe I should be somewhat grateful for this false statement because other deputies accused me of actually kicking them. Those allegations led to federal charges being filed charging me with assaulting and attempting to assault federal officers (I was being held on a federal hold at the time, so the deputies were legally considered federal officers). My legal team was able to point at this statement as just one of many inconsistent statements that did not add up. I eventually pled guilty to one lesser charge for throwing spicy chips at Deputy Barker, but I was never convicted of kicking any of them.

Hubert participated in transporting me from the 5D housing unit to the 4F disciplinary unit. Once face down on a mattress in a cell with my hands cuffed behind my back, Deputy Barker got on top of me, un-cuffed my left hand, grabbed my left arm, and twisted it away from my body until the largest bone broke into two pieces like a twig. Hubert described this part of the incident as:

"Once we arrived in 4F13 lnmate Sullivan was lowered to the mattress on his belly. Asgt Barker was closest to the window and Sgt lngram was at the head and I was kneeling on his back. The cutters were retrieved and his clothes were cut off and the handcuffs were removed. lnmate Sullivan was complaining that his arm was broken. Medical responded and determined it was broken and an Ambulance was called. I accompanied lnmate Sullivan to transfer and while in the Ambulance he stated you didn't have ta break my arm."

To Hubert's credit none of the above is false. I was lowered to a mattress, Barker was closest to the window, Ingram was at my head, my clothes were cut off, the handcuffs were removed, I complained that my arm was broken, an ambulance was called, and I did tell them that they did not have to break my arm. Hubert completely omitted the parts where Barker broke my left arm and Sgt. Ingram said, "I run this fucking jail not you."

Hubert is now a defendant in an excessive force lawsuit against Multnomah County, Timothy Barker, Matthew Ingram, and others involved.

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