Miami Officer Khadijha Hardemon Arrested for Punching Ex's New Gal Pal

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Miami Police officer Khadijha Hardemon was arrested today for punching another woman at a Millennium Tour concert at FTX Arena on Friday, at around 8:45 p.m. According to media reports, Hardemon's ex-boyfriend was at that concert with their 3 year old child and another woman. Hardemon confronted the pair by poking the man in the back of the neck before returning to her seat. She came back later, probably after having a few drinks, and punched the other woman causing her to fall to the floor. Police reviewed video footage which showed that Hardemon was the aggressor and arrested her on two counts of domestic battery due to the incident taking place in front of their child. The Miami Police Department (MPD) has placed Hardemon on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

According to public records, Khadijha Cache Hardemon is a 27 year old resident of Miami, Florida. She is a registered Democrat with a history of minor traffic violations. According to Gov. Salaries she made over $64,000 a year as a MPD officer (

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