Correctional Officer Zachariah Johnson Fired for Sex with Inmate

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Johnson County Sheriff's Deputy Zachariah Johnson was arrested this past week for having a sexual relationship with a female inmate at the Johnson County Jail where he worked as a correctional officer. He now faces three counts of sexual misconduct, three counts of official misconduct and one count of trafficking with an inmate. Fun time was over when the inmate's lawyer reported the relationship to authorities.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is investigating the case in an attempt to make the investigation look non-biased by brining in an outside agency. The exact details of the relationship does not appear to have been released. We are curious to learn exactly how Johnson had sex with a female inmate three times with nobody noticing. We also suspect that there could be more victims because by the time guys like Johnson get caught they've been doing it awhile.

According to public records, Zachariah Braden Johnson is a 28 year old resident of Hope, Indiana. However, news reports say that he lives in North Vernon. We reviewed the results of our background check and it appears that he was only recently associated with an address in North Vernon, so we think that is where he lives.

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