Wichita Police Officer Joseph Spicuglia Arrested for Stalking

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We have yet to hear of a police officer that is not a professional stalker and today it appeared that one of them might finally be held accountable for his actions, but prosecutors later decided not to file charges against officer Joseph Spicuglia. Not much is known about the case other than it is said to be the result of multiple incidents that took place earlier this year, was the result of a domestic violence investigation, and that Officer Spicuglia was already no longer actively working for the Wichita Police Department (WPD) because he is preparing for retirement after 25 years of service. Despite working with the WPD for over 25 years his last assignment as a mere lowly patrol officers.

According to public records, Joseph S. Spicuglia is a 61 year old resident of Wichita, Kansas. He is a registered Democrat with no prior criminal record.

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