Kim Potter Torpedoes Acting Career with Testimony

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Former Brooklyn Center Police officer Kimberly Ann Potter proved that she doesn't have what it takes to work in Hollywood today by taking the stand in her own defense attempting to gain sympathy from the jury by turning on the water works. Hopefully they didn't buy it, but you never know because shows like Days of Our Lives are still popular despite employing poor quality actors that are still far more talented than Potter. An acquittal in this case would be a testament to the stupidity of jurors in general who are all too often dimwitted individuals incapable of getting out of doing jury duty or simply so incapable of thinking outside the box that the thought of trying to get out of jury duty never occurred to them. If she is acquitted at least people can take comfort in the fact that she has exposed herself as a horrible actress incapable of converting her new found fame into an acting career. If she really is as clumsy as she claims then Dancing with the Stars wouldn't be a good fit for her either, so that would leave reality gigs like celebrity Big Brother, documentary films, and talk shows her only options.

Also, Oh... My... God! Gasp! What is she wearing? It looks like she raided grandma's closet. There is a reason why public defenders keep closets full of suites not their size, so that they can make sure that their client at least has a suit to wear during their trial. She should have at least gotten herself a cheap pants suit like Hillary Clinton.

We have not been coving this trial much because we've felt that we saw all we needed to know long ago when we watched the footage from her body camera. That footage clearly shows her grab her gun voluntarily and of her own freewill before shooting Daunte Wright while yelling "taser taser taser." Despite being caught on camera murdering somebody she is only charged with manslaughter because prosecutors are going easy on her by supporting her claim that it was an accident. You can watch that video at

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