Officer Jayson Drouillard Arrested for Sending Nudes

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Former Lancaster City Police officer Jayson Drouillard was arrested recently for sending sexually explicit videos of himself to a woman on Facebook. The charges he now faces include disseminating explicit sexual material, indecent exposure, lewdness, and harassment. Drouillard was already no longer employed by the Lancaster City Bureau of Police at the time of the incident.

The LCBP received a complaint on December 4, 2021 that an underage female had received two sexually explicit videos from Drouillard in addition to several texts he sent on different days. Officers preserved the footage after concluding that the videos were taken in Drouillard bathroom. The case was turned over to the Lancaster County DA and charges were filed on the 20th.

According to public records, Jayson J. Drouillard is a 43 year old resident of Marietta, Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: More details have been revealed in subsequent media stories which has led us to correct this article. It turns out the victim was a woman and not a minor. The initial media coverage was written in a way typical of cases involving sending obscenities to minors. The initial batch of articles we looked at listed disseminating explicit sexual material followed by other charges. Usually for adults to be charged with disseminating explicit sexual material of themselves to someone else the victim must be a minor because otherwise its just one adult sending nudes of himself to another adult. Such cases can often result in harassment charges, but usually statutes prohibiting the dissemination of explicit images of oneself were written to protect kids not adults.

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