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This dude claimed he never even got arrested, what he did is he was yanked after he scored dope on barkwill then the cops told him if he sets up his d man they will let him off , he cawincadentally came back to the spot and bought more and then soon after they ran up in the spot and arrested dude for a controlled buy, he stayed telling different ways of the incident, every time something changed , and he only got a fine of 250 in the docket says for cooperation with the state wtfis that definitely a snitch , he's always up to some grimmey shit he will steal and rip anyone off his own mom too , beware he's definitely a rat and a snitch

Realist1985 Says:

Todd Michael is his name he's a older Caucasian dude brown hair somee facial hair, kinda looks like a suburb grandpa type , but frfr he will do whatever, he don't care if ur a friend family his own kidmom whoever if he can get u he will and he has ripped off numerous people who let him get credit then he never pays , sell u his food stamps then cancel his card , he will make u think everything good like give u his debit then under ur nose he got the number and drain it like that , he definitely will tell too

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