Lauderhill Officer Jamar Lee Arrested for Soliciting Homeless Woman

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Lauderhill Police officer Jamar Lee was recently arrested for soliciting a homeless woman he assumed to be a hooker while on duty back in 2020. He is now charged with one count of unlawful compensation and one count of misdemeanor battery. The Lauderhill Police Department (LPD) placed Lee on administrative leave without pay shortly after receiving a complaint from the victim.

Lee is alleged to have approached a homeless woman while she was parked in the drive thru at a closed Dunkin Donuts. No doubt disappointed by the closure, Lee tried to salvage his trip by following the woman into an alley where he groped her, whipped his dick out, and told her to suck it if she wanted him to let her go. She touched it for a couple seconds before Lee was spooked by some noise and tried to move the party elsewhere. Lee told her to get in her car and follow him elsewhere, but she fled to her boyfriend's place instead.

Investigators used GPS data from Lee's patrol vehicle to verify his whereabout and surveillance footage supported the victim's story. There should be more evidence, but Lee failed to activate his body camera and did not advise dispatch as to his whereabouts.

According to public records, Jamar Marcus Lee is a 28 year old resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a registered Democrat whose only priors appear to be traffic violations. He had a LinkedIn profile at which has since been taken down. Search engines do not have cached copies of the profile available, but the Google snippet appears to quote Lee as saying, "I am a detailed oriented organized self starter ready to showcase my creativity, education, valuable skills in logistics, customer service, and management."

In our opinion, Lee is drastically undercharged. We think he should be charged with attempted sexual battery which includes attempted oral penetration ( Due to the power dynamic between an officer and a civilian it is not possible for a civilian to legally consent to any sexual act with an on duty officer. Had a sexual batter actually taken place, the following would apply to Lee:

"The offender is a law enforcement officer, correctional officer, or correctional probation officer as defined in s. 943.10(1), (2), (3), (6), (7), (8), or (9), who is certified under s. 943.1395 or is an elected official exempt from such certification by virtue of s. 943.253, or any other person in a position of control or authority in a probation, community control, controlled release, detention, custodial, or similar setting, and such officer, official, or person is acting in such a manner as to lead the victim to reasonably believe that the offender is in a position of control or authority as an agent or employee of government."

We think that this case needs to be viewed as if Lee scored. Had he not been spooked and that woman had done what he wanted he would be a successful rapist. We do not see the distinction between successful rapists and failed rapists when it comes to labeling someone a rapist.

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