Clearwater Officer Jason Lambe Arrested for Trapping Ex-Girlfriend

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Clearwater Police officer Jason Lambe was arrested last week for trapping his ex-girlfriend in her home for several days after stealing her phone, shoving her, and threatening to kill her. He is now charged with domestic battery, false imprisonment, tampering with a witness, resisting arrest, and assaulting a law enforcement officer. Lambe was released on a security bong and resigned from the Clearwater Police Department (CPD) to avoid termination proceedings.

According to media reports, Lambe arrived at his ex-girlfriend's home on Sunday and argued with a man she was with until he left. Then he took her phone, shoved her when she tried to get it back, and threatened to kill her. The abuse went on for several days with her children in the home. She later told officers that she was afraid Lambe might hurt her kids. However, Lambe did let her leave the house once to take her kids to school on the condition that he go with her. Pinellas County deputies arrived at the home at about 2 AM the following morning and claim that Lambe pointed a weapon at them weapon them for which Lambe was tased, but Lambe pulled out one of the prongs and was able to run away. Lambe was only able to run a short distance before being taken into custody.

In many states one can be convicted of assault simply by threatening someone with a weapon under what is called "reasonable apprehension of harm." Under that standard intentionally placing a person in reasonable fear of bodily harm with threatening words or gestures can be enough to sustain an assault charge. Then if physical contact is made the offense becomes battery. Lambe appears to be charged with assaulting his fellow officers by placing them in reasonable fear of imminent bodily harm, to wit: pointing a gun at them.

According to jail records, Jason Lambe is a 41 year old white male standing 5' 7" tall and weighing in at 160 pounds. He is bald with brown eyes. He has a tattoo of a the Statue of Liberty with a gun. Public records list one Jason J. Lambe as a resident of Tampa, Florida the same age. We believe those records are for this Jason Lambe. He is a registered Republican whose only prior run ins with his peers have been for minor traffic infractions.

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