Kelly Turnbill is a thief

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Marion, Indiana *****

This lady is a THIEF. She will steal from you, try to sell it, then help you by calling the cops and snitching on who has it!!

Kellyrt39 Says:

KYLA LITTLE OR KYLA MORGAN...I had to let everyone know. Hopefully your husband don't find out you been doin meth behind his back for a very long time. Hope he don't find out you been a little slutty around grant county here lately. Lol

Kellyrt39 Says:

Really KYLA LITTLE? I stole $100 on your security camera LMFAO OR did u ask me to get u meth and told me to grab the money you left in the passenger side truck door so that your husband and kids don't find out that you do meth! Lol I WENT TO JAIL YOU DUMB BITCH. QUIT TALKING SHIT WHEN YOU ARE DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING YOU RETARDED HOE. oh and u lied again, I have water, I have electricity in my home. Go fuck yourself you ugly big nose bleached ratty haired cunt! Your poor kids... Lol

She lives in Fairmount with her current dude on 2nd street. They cant even afford to have running water. Gotta have that meth though. Her poor kids. .

Ugly hoe stole $100 from me ON MY HOME SECURITY CAMERA! We were good friends for years too! Shes a meth head so she takes shit to help pay for her meth. Thats also why she has missing teeth. The few she has left are broken & black.

Hbic46953 Says:

Someones gonna knock that tooth outa her mouth. She may look nasty but sucks off every thing with a dong. So keep your man away from her.

Hbic46953 Says:

Youre still a thief and a dirty whore.

Kellyrt39 Says:

Awww, someone was in his feelings. This is the outcome of an ex-boyfriend that got his little heart broken. If I wouldn't of found out that he cheated on me with a 16 year old BOY maybe he wouldn't be in his feelings so much . So, if anyone crosses paths with MARK HATTON be careful, he's a pedo. Oh, he lives in the Muncie area.

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