Cowardly in Coshocton Ohio

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So I will try to make things real simple and easy to understand. James Fisher of Coshocton County Ohio was arrested in Feb 2022 for a burglary charge. The police pulled his vehicle over and some of the stolen items from the home he burglarized had been found in his vehicle. Ok now keep in mind that this has happened after I tell you more. He and I have a mutual friend. Now mind you I have only met James twice. My friend which I will call Sam to keep his identity hidden is friends with James. OK moving on ! So the first time I met James I told my friend Sam that I didnt trust James at all and he seemed like a shiffty *** person. Sam said ehh hes a good guy. I says the way he talks to you Sam I would be damned if I would consider James as a friend. I told Sam honestly I would like to spit in James face. Eventually they had words over a subject that isn't relevant to this story. Sam and James did not speak for a few months. Then outta nowhere James shows up and wants to go buy drugs with Sam. Well Sam trusted James so he did not think anything of the situation. About 2 weeks later Sam is handed an indictment with 2 different aggravated trafficking charges. This isnt all yet I am not Unfortunate Yes! Sam was arrested. But the other uncanny thing is that Jame's Burglary charge has been dismissed. Now I do not need think I need to go into much more detail on things for you. Sam is sitting in jail on these charges and awaiting his court date while this sorry *** sack of worthless so called sorry excuse for a friend walks free. It may not be today or tomorrow or 10 or 20 years from now but I hope when you die James that all the bad and evil you have done in this world will consume every being of your cold darkened shriveled soul. You DO NOT DESERVE FRIENDS. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention the fact that James did not show up to provide a drug test that had been part of his release on bond from jail. Also violated bond release rules and he is still not in jail for some reason? Hmmmm I wonder why?

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