Tarin Hohn fucks dudes then helps build case against them

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Tarin Hohn will get with dudes use drugs with them only to turn around and snitch on em and help build cases against these men AVOID I found out the hard way and I am not the only one there are many other guys that were victums to this snitch ass bitch. 4 years of my life ill never get back becuase they bitch. Her name should be road runner because as soon as she can get you to start hanging out with her everyday always available when you need something always down to give you a little something to get you through until tomorrow thats when she starts gathering her information and her mouth starts running. She had me fooled for 6 momnths before I was getting my front door kicked in by the drug task force and all the evidence against me in court was from the very first day I started kicking it with this snitch up to about a week before my door got kicked in.

Fuckurat87 Says:

This is fake and the cunt who posted this is sloppy af

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