All informants in my area

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Want to find out specifically who in Marion county west Virginia and Charleston west Virginia is an informant.

CW4ArmyRET Says:

How about Old Forge, PA and Lackawanna County, PA if it is not too much!


List of informants : Berwick, Pa. Samantha Edwards (Guthridge) Carrie and Angelica Edwards, Crystal lea Johnson (yohe) Christina Yohey, Dawn Diedenderfer, Dan Macuga, Heather Dejewski, Jeremy Lynn, Jay Lynn, Angie Wojtasik, Tiffany levan, Trisha Snyder, Hope Jaffin, Paul Jaffin, Jon Diedenderfer, Matt Enyck , Perry Harmon, Kelly Bromley Melissa Cline Amanda Conygham, Laurie Peters

I'd like the list for Berwick, Pennsylvania Hope Jaffin, Jeremy Lynn are 2 of the biggest Rats there

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