Officer Eric Ramirez Booked for Over 20 Child Rapes and Released

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El Paso Police officer Eric Bernardino Ramirez was arrested Monday on over 20 charges including aggravated sexual assault on a child and various acts of indecency. His bond was set at $1,000,000 which he managed to post the day of his arrest, so he is now free. The El Paso Police Department has relieved Ramirez of his duties pending the outcome of an internal investigation. We suspect this rape and release to be the result of police treating fellow officers preferably.

According to media reports, the abuse began in 2014 when the victims was less that 14 years old and continued through 2016. The abuse did not stop until about a month before Ramirez joined the El Paso Police Department. Ramirez was indicted back in December but for reasons not released it took over a month to book him.

We suspect the department of taking steps to protect Ramirez simply due to the fact that he was able to post bond so quickly and so much time went by between his indictment and arrest. Usually, someone can't just post 10% of $1,000,000 right away because few people have that much sitting in a checking account unless they never invest. People typically are less liquid and end up sitting in jail for awhile until they can convert their assets into cash. It wouldn't surprise us if Ramirez' lawyer arranged for him to turn himself in after he had his bond ready.

According to public records, Eric Bernardino Ramirez is a 36 year old resident of El Paso, Texas. His last known home address is listed as El Vergel Drive, but we stress that address might not be current and we are only pasting the street name because the record tying him to that address dates back to 2005 and we just are not confident that it is current even though our background check service lists it as being linked to him through now. We only share locations in cases like this because we think parents and kids should know if a man free on bond facing child rape charges is living in their neighborhood. Please do not use this information for any unlawful purpose. Texas prisons are brutal places for ex-cops and child molesters. We ask that you let the system do its thing so that good convicts can serve justice.

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