Did San Diego Officer Devion Johnson Brag About Killing Blacks?

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"I kill black people for a living, I am a cop" is what San Diego Police officer Devion Johnson was accused of saying while drunkenly trying to provoke a black man into a fight back in 2020 according to documents (uploaded above) recently released by the San Diego Police Department (SDPD). The release was not on their own accord but rather to comply with a new law requiring California law enforcement agencies to be more transparent. Johnson shot and killed a black man by the name of Toby Diller just six months later (https://www.sdcda.org/Content/MediaRelease/20-012PS%20Diller.pdf), coincidence? Possibly, but while we don't know for sure if he bragged about killing black people for a living, we do know that he was extremely drunk in the video below. He was arrested for public intoxication but was later allowed to return to the force. He is no longer with the department.

Johnson's encounter with his fellow officers takes up the first half of the video and then some. The second part includes interviews with witnesses including a man without pants. According to media reports, you should be able to hear Johnson use racial slurs and kick the patrol car at some point.

According to public records, Devion Volta Johnson is a 35 year old resident of Lancaster, California. He listed his party affiliation as "other" when registering to vote in 2012. He appears to operate a Gmail account created using just his first and middle name spelled exactly with no spaces or anything like that.

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