Shreveport Officer Alexander Tyler Arrested for Killing Alonzo Bagley

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Shreveport officer Alexander Tyler was arrested today for just negligent homicide in the killing of Alonzo Bagley. Bagley was just running away from a fellow officer when Tyler felt an itch on his trigger finger. You can watch Bagley running away in the bodycam video below. Despite this clearly being an unjustified shooting of an unarmed man, Tyler's bail was set at just $25,000. He is currently listed as an inmate at the Caddo Correctional Center, but that will likely change simply due to how low his bail is.

We feel that Tyler is undercharged because this was clearly an intentional shooting. He might not have had the specific intent to kill Bagley at the time, but that would still make this an intentional shooting worthy of at least a manslaughter charge. Most people get charged with some degree of murder when they intentionally shoot someone and that person dies as a result of their injury. Even when prosecutors know a case is not murder they typically charge the person anyway and offer to drop it in exchange for a manslaughter plea. We think an ordinary person would probably be charged with murder based on the video below.

According to public records, Alexander James Tyler is a 23 year old resident of Shreveport, Louisiana. The jail website lists his zip code as 71107 which matches a record we have for a house on Sandra street. The jails website also list the following:

DOB: 06/14/1999

Race: W

Sex: M

Height: 6.02

Weight: 250

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