Caught on Camera: Wisconsin Officers Fail Sobriety Tests and Arrested

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Lt. Shawn Barker with the Racine County Sheriff's Office and Racine Police Officer Todd Lauer were arrested recently for snowmobiling while drunk in Vilas County. Their encounter with fellow officers was caught on camera and you can catch highlights in the video below. Barker refused to take a breathalyzer and Lauer blew twice the legal limit. Neither could walk a straight line or keep their balance during field sobriety tests, their speech was slurred, and both clearly had bloodshot eyes. Lt. Barker has been suspended from duty for 10 days and publicly denounced by his boss. The Racine Police have not released any details about Lauer other than saying he is the subject of an internal investigation. They're both facing charges of operating while intoxicated.

Vilas County Sheriff's deputies finally pulled the pair over after seeing them blow through four stop signs.

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