Puyallup Police Officer Linked to Multiple Rapes Arrested

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Puyallup Police officer Niamkey Amichia was fired and arrested for third degree rape last week. When police ran his DNA through a database they found a hit from an unsolved 2016 rape in Connecticut. He is currently being held in the Pierce County Jail on $200,000 bond and will be required to surrender his passport if released because as a native of South Africa he is considered a flight risk. We don't think he will get out anytime soon because of the DNA match. We anticipate authorities in Connecticut filing charges in the near future which will almost certainly result in an interstate fugitive hold being placed on him.

The latest incident is based on an accusation from a prostitute claiming that Amichia paid her $400 for sex but showed up without a condom. When the victim refused to service Amichia, he allegedly forced her anyway. The rape was reported in October of last year, but for reasons unknown Officer Amichia remained at large for many months. The victim told police that she met Amichia via an online dating app, agreed to spend 30 minutes with him in exchange for $400 but insisted he wear a condom, and when she refused to let him ride bareback he raped her.

Amichia's DNA was matched to a sample taken from a rape kit in Connecticut in 2016. The victim in that case reported a man fitting Amichia's description knocking on her door claiming to be a police officer even though Amichia didn't become a cop until August of 2022. The man forced his way inside while carrying zip ties like a Capitol rioter before tying her up and raping her.

According to public records, Niamkey Ange Amichia is a 32 year old male whose last known non-jail residence was in Issaquah, Washington. He's also been linked to an apartment in Bellevue. His address history includes several addresses in Connecticut from 2006 to 2018. We believe that he immigrated to the United States from South Africa legally during the Bush Jr. administration.

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