Aryan bro snitches on another AB but blames on female

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Aryan brother snitches on leader and calls 12. Blames it on the female victim he Was with and lies to police and to his other brothers. Now these ABs have been stalking, and peeping in windows (while mother and son are bathing, using bathroom, etc), and breaking into home. They have been damaging her home and planting drugs in house and in car. They have been purposely scaring son who is 4 years old and is Austistic and unable to express his emotions and what he is seeing. Son is scared to death and wakes up screaming through the night. They have made it look like the mother is just crazy but now its known that the stalking is occurring. These men are ******* evil and they are pussies who cant do **** but lurk, perv out through windows while mom is changing or getting intimate, and purposely scare little kids. Mom has called them out multiple times to settle **** the real way, but they just wont do **** but trash everything and scare innocent kids. They need to worry about the snakes they got in their own grass cuz they are living amongst a snitch *** ***** who does nothing but lie and steal and will throw them under the bus in a heartbeat just like he did to his leader and brother whom he loves sooo much.

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