Kim Potter Released from Prison Looking Like a Tweaker

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Former Brooklyn Center Police officer Kim Potter was released from prison today after serving just 16 months for killing Daunte Wright. Potter yelled "taser" before shooting Wright in 2021. She claimed she mistook her taser for a gun before accidentally killing Wright. This might seem like a horrible miscarriage of justice because it is, but there is some good news. The good news is that if you want to get away with murder just make sure to pick up a taser when buying a gun and remember to yell "taser" whenever you shoot someone. Film yourself doing it and you should be able to convince a jury that yelling "taser" proves you didn't really mean to shoot the person.

Kimberly Ann Potter looks unrecognizable in her most recent mugshot. A far cry from the smug chunky chick we all remember from two years ago. Today she looks like a real inmate strung out on methamphetamine. She probably didn't purchase any from fellow inmates unless she was on a protective custody yard because ex-cops are not usually hooked up in prison. However, guards do bring in a lot of dope and are likely to feel sorry for her, so they probably kept her strung out as part of some twisted Thin Blue Line thing. She is considered rich by prison standards, so she probably didn't sell her body to pay for it.

According to media reports, Potter is being allowed to begin her post prison supervision term in Wisconsin. We don't know exactly where in Wisconsin, but a background check lists her most recent mailing address as PO BOX 924 in Cumberland.

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