Hand Sanitizer Found on FCI Sheridan Commissary Sheet

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27072 Ballston Road
Sheridan, Oregon 97378
FCI Sheridan Commissary Sheet:

The FCI Sheridan Commissary Sheet features hand sanitizer despite reports in the media indicating that hand sanitizer is contraband at the Federal Correctional Institution due to alcohol content. Alcohol based santizer is not sold or otherwise available to inmates, but AJAX Antibacterial Dish Soap is sold to inmates. Now, if something is strong enough to be used as dish soap in mainstream society and that soap is sold to inmates then that qualifies as hand sanitizer.

It was surprising to read media reports indicating that Federal Public Defender Lisa Hay was arguing that hand sanitizer is contraband at FCI Sheridan. This argument was made to support a compassionate release motion filed on behalf of an elderly inmate due to the Coronavirus. Her other arguments were quite valid, but not the one about hand sanitizer.

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