Cop Blaster to Launch Anti-Snitch Initiative for the Month of May 2020

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Anti-Snitch Initiative
Anti-Snitch Initiative

Cop Blaster is proud to announce that we will be launching an Anti-Snitch Initiative next month to discourage snitching nation wide in the interest of public health. For the first time in recent history, snitching has become a public health menace and modern information technology has made that menace more life threatening than ever.

The Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 has pushed the likelihood of jail sentences becoming death sentences to an all time high. It is almost impossible to contain the virus once it enters a correctional facility. Jails and prisons are lucky to contain outbreaks to individual housing units and all the inmates in those units are absolutely 100% completely screwed. Inmates in infected units will have to depend on their own immune systems to survive. County jails are at greatest risk because they take in people right off the street. When someone decides to call the police or cooperate with an investigation, they are now endangering the lives of those they are snitching on. There is no way around that, the stakes have never been higher and things are to a point where it is hard to justify incarcerating anyone that is no a homicidal maniac. The risk to their lives far out-weight any benefit society receives from a cessation of their criminal activities.

When someone calls the police they are not just endangering the life of the person they are telling on. They are also endangering the lives of the officers that answer the call. There is a reason why probation officers avoid doing home visits right now. The fewer people they come into contact with the safer it is. Cop callers have no way of knowing if the person they are snitching out has the Coronavirus. Wearing masks does more to protect people that come into contact with mask wearers than it does to protect the mask wearers themselves. People that do wear masks usually put them on before leaving their homes. They don't wear masks at home, so when a police officer comes knocking they probably are not going to find someone wearing a mask. Then if anything gets out of hands the likelihood of transmission goes up. When booking a person into jail, a strip search is commonly done, and that endangers jail staff on top of the dangers typically faced when incarcerating potentially infected persons. Every arrest endangers the lives of law enforcement now. When a snitch causes an officer to contact someone or causes a jury to convict someone, they are endangering the lives of law enforcement.

Any way you look at it, snitching has become a clear and present danger to the health and safety of the public. It endangers law enforcement, it endangers suspects, and it makes a jail outbreak more likely. Snitching must be discouraged now more than ever.

What are we doing to help? The Anti-Snitch Initiative is a month long dedication to raising awareness. During that month we plan to research and add a notable snitch to the website every day. We also plan to reach out to at risk communities and encourage people to post snitches on our website. the more people know to keep their mouths shut around known snitches the safer the world becomes. The more people can be discouraged from snitching the safer the world becomes. We will do all we can to make the world safer.

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