Karran Berg's Irrelevant Out of State Crash Test Dummy Report

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Karran Berg of Murrieta, California "Claims crash dummy parts development is critical to public transportation." That was the complaint she sent to the state of Washington about SACO Research even though SACO Research is also located in Murrieta, California. Not only is this complaint about an out of state business submitted through a form for reporting people in Washington, it is also irrelevant to the type of information being solicited. The form was intended for people in Washington to rat out their neighbors for violating stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines. Crash test dummies have nothing to do with Coronavirus beyond being totally immune to it.

Karran Berg provided the phone number 9514409470 which is listed as belonging to a D Berg in Murrieta. The email address provided was Karranb41[a]gmail.com.

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