Jayne Eckman Ratted Out Her Husband's Boss Hyster-Yale Inc.

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Washington Coronavirus Snitches:

An employee of Hyster-Yale Materials Handling Inc. married the wrong woman and her name is Jayne Eckman. Turns out she is a rat that snitched on his boss even though he works in Oregon and the form she used was for reporting violators of a directive issued by the governor of Washington. Senile? She says she is over 60 so maybe she is.

She gave the phone number 5038999520, which is an Oregon number, but she says she lives in Vancouver. Public records produced the above address. Her email address is jayneeckman[at]aim.com. On March 31, 2020 she made the following statement:

"We live in Vancouver and my husband works at Hyster-Yale on 4000 Blue Lake Rd. in Fairview, OR. This location is a research and development facility that develops prototype Hyster-Yale lift trucks. It does not manufacture, repair or sell lift trucks. My husband is unable to work from home and we can not afford for him to take vacation or go without pay in order to stay home. We are 63 and 65 years old, we raise 2 grandchildren and I am permanently disables. I am very concerned my husband will get sick and I turn, we will also and then spread it to our families which also live here in Vancouver. I do not see how working on developing prototypes is essential to our current and very time sensitive need to isolate. I understand the company is following the directives put forth for Essential Companies, however I do not see how this prototype work is Essential. I am very worried. Please help me by looking into this. Thank you! Jayne Eckman"

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