Argo Paumere Fed. Informant extorting assets, murders Elderly

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J Hockenjos now murdered by Paumere:

Estonian unprosecuted very dangerous criminal, psychopath Argo Paumere is a pimp, drugs dealer, he is stealing money from federal gov. by reducing fees for couth on crime by FBI Medical Doctors who stolen from Medicaid and Medicare. Argo Paumere is totally above the laws in the US and rules courts, law enforcement and City Agencies and Departments because his connections to the MOB. Argo is freely extorting life -time assets from elderly under color of fake "neighbor." The Neighbor is someone who is Civilian but Paumere is not any civilian but super powerful criminal who is permitted to steal, torture and murder Americans for their assets! Paumere building houses with humongous profits because no licensed contractor on the field or permits or inspections are required! Paumer builds under Stop Work Order and after it is built with severe zoning and building codes violations - DOB Commissioner who was fired for gambling scam illegally "legalized" Paumeres illegal construction! Fantastic horror is happening with the law enforcement - local state and federal law enforcement, Judges are helping Argo Paumere to commit severe crimes including torturing to death litigants who are needed medical help, prohibiting medical help as it is happened with John Hockenjos who is sadistically murdered by Paumere. John Built NYS and NJS tunnels and bridges, airports and rail roads - Yankees Stadium station was his project but instead of appreciation was tortured 14 years to give up the Hockenjos family and only home (legally bought in 1997- 25 years ago) and life savings to Paumere! This despicable and sever crimes are falsely misnamed by corrupt gov officials, law enforcement as "civil matter" and Paumere must enjoy, occupy and use the Hockenjos life-time assets necessary for the Hockenjoses to survive!

Paumere put on the middle of the street under 45 degrees car with the skeleton on the front set and in the few days John Hockenjos was brutally murdered!

Paumere is insanely criminal and has no doubts that he must get all the life -time assets from innocent, unsuspected that he is the snitch was was picked in jail to be above the law, steal, murder the innocent and get away with it by lying the law enforcement and make FBI and others to lie and torture and murder innocent Americans for Argo Paumere huge criminal profit! Michael Bloomberg, Italian MOB is behind Paumere watching that the innocent, hard-working and the law abiding Americans can't get away from being robbed, tortured and murdered! Paumere pretends that in Brooklyn, NY, Block 7405 lot 226 which has one private driveway on the left side of Paumeres house (bought to be built illegally and for stealing adjacent owners properties!) has the Hockenjos (Lot 225) driveway which is located on the right side of Paumere s house (Lot 226) in reality you can check that every of 48 properties on teh Block 7405 including lot 225 and lot 226 have only one private driveway by the deed and Paumere can't possibly have the Hockenjoses driveway but have 100 attempts to steal it with the help of very same officials who must stop the crimes and not enforce severe crimes for Paumeres criminal profit!

Please, stop Argo Paumere by exposing him from murdering the John Hockenjos widow!

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