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I called the sheriffs to complain about electronic harassment. I have an audio file that is what is called either Havana Syndrome and no you don't have to have been in Cuba, or work for the state dept, for at least one or two people have been diagnosed with Havana syndrome or what they call v2k or voice to skull. In my audio you clearly hear kids voices say "Do it at the same time". The officer I will leave his name out for I don't need shot by the crook.

But as I told him he asks with no provocation, or any reason and asks "And You didn't touch them"? I mean WTF I am the one calling him not me being investigated. He said to email him the file and he'd look into it. I heard nothing. I emailed him a week or so later nothing.

I mean I know v2k is considered Schizophrenia, But there is technology that can do this and the Army owns it and are using it, but they sell use to the cops, who run interference for their child sex trafficking they do so... But I was hit with this crap in 1999-2000 and went to jail because of their crap.

but two weeks in it went low to tinnitus, for 23 years now. Until Nov of 2020. The crap the v2k came back. At the time of my complaint which tells me this Sheriffs office is a gangstalking outfit is because of what it accuses me of and was then as well. So yeah him asking me out of the blue for no real reason, If I'd touched them or anything tells me he's a gangstalker or the whole dept is.

I believe some of this started because of my a hole neighbor who played his damned music so loud I did call the cops sorry but yeah. When it's so loud it shakes our walls I had to. But I thing since it was the same cop who asked that crap,was the same one talking to my neighbor I think they placed me on their damned terrorist list and now I am tormented with their crap. But because the POS neighbor couldn't listen to his crappy music lower, and feels entitled he and his cop gangstalkers along with at least one other neighbor began stalking me. DEW weapons are being used. One is a cyclone weapon.

I have a forensics done on one of my audio files so I know. I know there is a Judy, a Michael, and maybe a Chelsea involved plus those that Hate Trump people since it also says we bother Trump people. Plus an unknown Pedo group.

But it's Umatilla County Sheriff's office. In Text on an audio file if you hit text option on the software I use it says OH OH Owen which is one letter away from the Sheriffs name so???

I had a pink haired slut my neighbor stand not 100ft from me using either her cell phone of radio of some kind, Say Grandfather into it and I heard it in my ear. She didn't say it loud enough for me to hear like normal, but into a device. Which at that time that's what they were calling me so how'd she know to say that if she's not a gangstalker???

Targeted Justice has a lawsuit against gangstalkers and them the FBI placing us on terrorist lists and other watch lists which means anyone can call them and have us gangstalked. Which they the FBI share to all the cops around so.... yeah.

I am not what they say nor will you find me on any of those kinds of lists. But through v2k I've had to defend against their false accusations and almost beat the piss out of a gas attendant down the road from me so yeah.

I know this is an off site so may not matter but our town is a gangstalking POS haven.

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