Rob VanDyke Kane County Attorney

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Category: Prosecutors - County
Current Courthouse Address:
76 North Main
Kanab, Utah 84741

Rob Van Dyke, Chief Kane County Attorney engages in unconstitutional, unethical, and immoral biased practices of prosecution. Van Dyke shows extreme favoritism toward members of the LDS community as well as other members of the local community who are in good standing publicly when charged with crimes. Conversely, he aggressively prosecutes those charged with crimes who are do not fit into the former categories. Van Dyke was lead prosecutor on a case involving Defendant Klinton Ralph Chenoweth, who was an employee of Garkane Energy Co-Operative and was charged with embezzlement of over $100,000+ from the member owned energy provider in Kane County Utah. Chenoweth was not arrested and do date has not spent one minute in jail for his crimes. He was given a self admitted "Sweetheart Deal" approved by 6th District Court Judge Marvin D. Bagley wherein he was allowed to re pay the money he took, and not charged in further crimes involving theft of even more money as well as a truck and a track hoe that he stole. He was given no jail time, due to the fact that Van Dyke "didn't know he was supposed to seek jail time" in a case involving multiple 2nd degree felony charges. This is just one of many instances of Van dyke's favoritism and biased prosecution practices.

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