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Mario Lin Caruso is a Confidential Informant who has worked with the Kane County Drug Task Force in Kanab Utah and has wore a wire and conducted controlled buys from at least 2 individuals in the Kane County area, resulting in 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree felony drug charges against these two people. One is currently serving a sentence in Utah State Prison as a result of Carusos work as a snitch. The other individual is fighting all charges against him and has a trial coming up in July 2023. Mario Caruso is the worst kind of snitch. In the case going to trial, Caruso contacted an old acquaintance whom he had not seen in over 10 years, due to the fact that Caruso had been incarcerated in Arizona State Prison for those 10 years. Caruso asked his old friend if he would do him favor and let him keep some pills at this friends home for safekeeping. The friend initially denied Caruso's request but later agreed to the proposition after Caruso begged him claiming that his girlfriend Tasha Lavelle MacFarlane*, would be upset, leave him, and kick him out if she found out he was involved with drugs. His friend reluctantly agreed, with the understanding he was doing so only to help him out, that he would not sell, give or otherwise allow anyone but Mario to retrieve the pills from his home. Mario then returned on 4 occasions to retrieve the pills, which turned out to be counterfeit oxycodone pills that were actually fentanyl. On these 4 occasions Caruso was working for Kane County Drug Task Force Detective Trevor Glover and was equipped with a recording device. Caruso was also given marked money from Detective Glover to "buy" said pills, but given the fact that the pills were not His friends, but in fact were already Caruso's, his friend did not receive any money, which totalled to almost $600.00 His friend was later arrested and charged with 4 2nd degree felonies for Distribution of a Controlled Substance. Mario Caruso currently resides in Cottonwood Arizona and is employed at Ocean Blue Car Wash located at 484 South Main Street in Cottonwood AZ, 86326 phone (928)460-5048

Paper is available on request. this guy is a ***** of the highest order. He claims to be associated with the Woods in ASP, anybody with connections is invited to share this information with anybody involved with Arizona Woods. Blast 'Em boys!

*I include Carusos girlfriends full name as she knows of his status as an informant and was involved in controlled buys although that cannot be confirmed

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