Terry Szucsko is not a good person

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He knew that my 13 year old son was being raped. Although it was his client that was letting it happen, he should have taken the sexual abuse into consideration when he cut out the other parent from the children. Ms. Szucsko simply did not care about what was happening. He just wanted to pocket the money. Had he done something to stop the abuse, the custody matter would have been finished.

Szucsko was quite aggressive about it, too. He got into my face face and called me a "little ****". It scared the **** out of a person who came to offer me support. A short time later (after that particular hearing) he served me with a restraining order that prohibited contact with my kids. Szucsko was smiling as he placed the order on the table in front of me.

It turns out that all the kids were being sexually abused, including a two year old. This guy is just a terrible human being. How else could he smile when he knew about child molestation? Shouldn't it have bothered him?

The 13 year old is now an adult. He is strung out on drugs and is suicidal.

Szucsko did something so disgusting to my kids. I don't know how this attorney sleeps at night. Their lives are completely ruined.

If this lawyer is representing you or your spouse in a custody matter, please be careful.

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