Coffee Creek Creeper Tony Klein Convicted of Sexually Abusing Inmates

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Tony Daniel Klein also known as the Coffee Creek Creeper was convicted of sexually assaulting nine female inmates at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility today. Klein abused his position as a nurse at Coffee Creek for his own pleasure according to just about everybody but Klein and his lawyers. Klein will be sentenced in October at which point he should receive a life sentence.

By virtue of being a nurse Klein was able to get time alone with his victims and because those victims were convicted criminals most of his crimes went unreported for years. Just accusing staff at a correctional facility of such things is likely to get an inmate discriminated against, put in the hole, or physically abused more. People don't like believing inmates because they have histories of lying, doing drugs, stealing, etc. so creeps like Klein tend to flock to such places.

This author's heart goes out to one of Klein's lawyers who used to represent this author. This author felt really bad for his former counsel when hearing which straw he drew but at the same time acknowledges that he could get his client off with unfounded conspiracy theories this author would've made him his first pick if in need of a lawyer in the future. However, protecting inmates from predators like Klein is far more important than seeing your own legal counsel win. This author has no doubt that Klein's counsel vigorously represented him under unwinnable circumstances.

According to public records, Tony Daniel Klein was a 38 year old resident of Estacada, Oregon. He is 6 ft. 3 in. tall and weights 205 pounds. He was taken into custody after the verdict was announced and is now in the custody of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office ( where he will receive the same shoddy medical care this author received years ago. In 2017 he registered to vote as non-partisan.

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