Texarkana Officer Telvin Wilson Busted in Online Predator Sting

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Texarkana, Arkansas Police Officer Telvin Wilson was arrested recently for showing up at a house hoping to meet an underage girl but instead met the Texarkana, Texas police. Texarkana is a city on the border of Texas and Arkansas both of which have their own police departments. Wilson is an officer with the Arkansas department but was busted in Texarkana, Texas where he lives.

Wilson is still technically an officer but media reports indicate he might be fired soon. Firing someone who shows up trying screw what he thinks is an underage girl would send a better message than plans to fire him eventually. Somebody might want to get on that one.

According to public records, Telvin Tydray Wilson is a 31 year old resident of Texarkana, Texas. The department spotlighted Wilson as a their token black guy back in February for black history month. According to that Facebook post (https://www.facebook.com/TexarkanaARKPD/posts/pfbid023sxi5ecp7hT2xFgESPwfCUeHjQfygNTb482XgYr23Y7DpxJQzsuXFq4igQDo7Enol) Wilson grew up in Texarkana, Texas before attending Central Arkansas University and East Texas Baptist University where he graduated with a radiology degree. Radiology is the practice of taking x-rays, so it is not clear how his educational background qualified him to be a police officer. He must have received some other type of training before joining the force in 2016.

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