PG Officer Francesco Marlett Caught on Camera Making Out On Duty

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Prince George's County Police Officer Francesco Marlett was just suspended after this video of him making out with a woman before getting into the backseat of his patrol car with her went viral. The Tiktok version already has over 2 million views ( We've uploaded it to YouTube and have embedded it below for your entertainment.

Marlett was promptly fired and his name released. Martlett it turns out is no stranger to being on the other side of the law. In 2016, Martlett was suspended without pay after being indicted on accusations of beating a 3 year old unconscious ( We are looking into the disposition of that case which probably resulted in a dismissal without news coverage or at least that is what it looks like right now.

The woman has been identified as Virginia Pinto. She claims Marlett has been having an affair with her for two years. Marlett's wife Paula took to social media with a clear message for Virginia "rot in hell bitch" but Virginia was quick to accuse Paula of cheating on Francesco herself before claiming to have done nothing wrong. If Francesco and Paula are cheating on one another does that vindicate Virginia or is she just another homewrecker?

According to public records, Francesco Daniele Angelo Marlett is a 34 year old resident of Suitland, Maryland. He is a registered Democrat with ties to property in Upper Marlboro.

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