Jeremy Troy Grisa is an informant junkie in Portland, OR. STAY AWAY!!!

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Category: Snitches - Informants
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Portland, Oregon *****

Jeremy Troy Grisa, who goes by Troy, is a piece of shit loser bitch. He fled Destin, Florida because he was a narc aka drug informant and got found out. He currently lives in Portland, OR. He spins fire, juggles, is a wannabe Eminem and overall coward informant bitch. He would sell out anyone for cocaine money. He seems like a good guy but he will sell you out due to his addiction.

He can found spinning fire, juggling, doing poi, at local hip-hop shows or on the corner eating ass for coke money. He constantly has to change social groups as most people quickly figure out he is a loser bitch and want nothing to do with his weirdo ass. You can look up fuck boy in the dictionary and his picture will be there.

He isn't even worth what he has coming to him. Eventually he will overdose and one less loser bitch the world has to deal with. Very sad individual.

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