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Justin Bass of Memphis, TN is a confidential informant to the Shelby County Organized Crime Unit. He got caught multiple times with large amounts of crystal meth & several guns. This was in Bartlett a suburb of Memphis where they will sentence harshly. In Memphis someone caught with this would get at least 15 years in jail. Somehow he has never been charged. Several of his dealers have gotten arrested.

No one has ever heard of anyone getting caught with that much dope and GUNS and not having to been charged or indicted. This degenerate loser has been an informant for Shelby County since 2016.

I know his mother and she has told me all about him being a meth dealer and addict. The police have came to her and his home and searched it after his multiple arrests. They end up taking him to the OCU office downtown and then she ends up going to pick him up. He told her he worked on deals with them but setting up his dealers and finding new dealers to buy from to stay out of jail

Justen Bass is a coward hoe that needs to be dealt with immediately. He knows many people in Memphis of all different affiliations (GD, VL, etc) and he is a liability to everyone he knows. If you know this punk and he knows any of your business you best believe he has told Shelby County Organized Crime Unit about your business

He is Justin Bass on Facebook & feadsofsyn369 on Instagram. He brags all about being ADD and having autism. It shows with his lack of intelligence and being a snitch.

You can look up his criminal records at

https://gs4.shelbycountytn.gov/111/ for yourself

to see.

Be careful, everyone knows a coward is the most dangerous person there is.

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