Jaxson Stead and Payten Ceron

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Jaxson Stead

Merritt and Kamloops

Payten Ceron

Jaxson Stead loves to tell his managerial stories about how on an average days work, he takes a pile of over 50 resumes

and will throw half in the garbage. He then enjoys laughing about it and states, " It wasn't their lucky day." He tells this

story so often that it's time to share it. Jaxson Stead also chooses white girls over woc and only makes an appearance at any

facility if his favorite Payten Ceron is there. If Payten Ceron is at any facility you can be sure that Jaxson Stead will not only make an appearance

but hang out ALL DAY LONG. He does not do this with anyone except Payten Ceron.

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