Jordan Lonnie Forbes Certified Informant Utah County Major Crimes

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The biggest informant in Utah County. Forbes had close to 30 felony charges stemming from 2022-2024 on 8 different arrests. During that time he managed to keep his freedom and not get put on Adult Probation, Forbes was sent to Red Barn Academy and ran after 1 day. Utah 4th district court Globalized all charges and dropped it down to 5-second degree felonies including assault on peace officer w/use of deadly weapon x2 and distribution of a controlled substance, 6-third degree felonies, and 5-class A misdemeanors. After making a deal with The Utah County Major Crimes Task force, Forbes was offered Drug Court which Forbes is currently attending. Upon successful completion of Drug Court Forbes will have completed a plea in abeyance and all charges will be dropped. Paperwork is available upon request.

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