Multnomah County Judge Angel Lopez Believes Bogus Testimony

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I once had a trial before Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Angel Lopez and was shocked to see him base his findings on testimony that was obviously bogus. There were three main witnesses to the incident. Two of those witnesses lived and worked together at the time of the incident, and were still working together elsewhere at the time of the trial nearly three years later. They told one story and the third witness, that had not seen either of them for some time told a different story that was just like the one I told when I testified. I had no personal relationship with any of the witnesses.

Now, to his credit, the story I told and the one told by the third witness still would have justified his finding of guilt. I was found guilty of reckless endangerment when I accidentally broke a TV with a pint glass at a club. In Oregon you do not need a named victim to reckless endangerment, they just need to prove that had someone been there they could have been hurt. I did not know that the TV was there and Kevin Demer (the prosecutor) could not prove that the TV was worth more than $500, so I was found not guilty of criminal mischief because I did not intend to break it, for which I thank Judge Lopez, but he erroneously ruled that I intended to hit a person and not a TV. My lawyer, may he rest in peace, even got scolded by Judge Lopez for calling his endorsement of that testimony wrong.

This was a problem for me because when I was sentenced in federal court the prosecutor (Sean Hoar) stated that I had a finding against me for throwing a pint glass at someone. I did not throw a pint glass at anyone and that third witness, that was working that night, proved it.

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