Former Beaverton Teacher Logan Storm Got Beat Up in Prison and Told

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3600 Guard Road

Former Beaverton teacher Logan Storm had a rough start to his 8 year sentence for child pornography when he was allegedly beaten up at FCI Sheridan multiple times. It seems Logan didn't know that inmates have a rule against allowing pedophiles into general population. That rule is if you see one smash him. In one chase he even got the alleged perpetrator send to a USP for allegedly beating him up in the library at FCI Sheridan. If it were up to me I would give the guy a medal and send him to a low.

Speaking of a low, that is where Logan is now. FCI Lompoc, where it wouldn't surprise me if he still has to do his time in the hole for his own safety.

Scheduled for release on 11/14/2019. Will keep you posted.

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