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8/27/2020 - Joseph rosenbaum is being known as the sex offender guy that was screaming shoot me ni**a.
Based on those words. He was not on the side of the people protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake. This man also looks to be the person that threw the plastic bag with some garbage in it. That looked like a Molotov cocktail.
( https://rifnote.com/2020/08/27/shoot-me-nia-kenosha-teenage-vigilantes-victim-idd-as-registered-child-molester-seen-on-video-daring-others-to-shoot-him/ )
8/26/2020 - This is the video I saw. To me it looks like the shooter opened fire unprovoked on the protesters. He shot one person in the head. He ran toward the person recording the event. You could hear him say I shot someone. Then you see him being chased by protesters. They caught up with him beat his ass a bit. Then he walked toward the police with his hands up in the air and his rifle slung around his neck they let him pass. No arrest.
He was finally arrested the next day at his home in Antioch Illinois.
Where is being held at lake county lockup pending extradition to Wisconsin.
Also as a little FYI Wisconsin will try him as an adult at 17 years old.

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