LAPD Officer Kevin J. Ferguson Fired Gun While Roughing Up Kid

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In #Anaheim off duty #LAPD Officer Kevin J Ferguson was caught on tape firing his gun while roughing up a thirteen year old boy over an ongoing property dispute. Protesters quickly descended on the above address understandably outraged. What kind of guy roughs up a kid just for walking on his lawn? Maybe Officer Ferguson should have built a fence and tried make the boy's parents pay for it, but now it looks like it will be Officer Ferguson paying for the boy's therapy and probably enough in damages to pay for any fences that kid builds around his yard when he grows up.

On a personal note I can't imagine how this is not a crime. I have been convicted of reckless endangerment in the state of Oregon twice for far less dangerous behavior. All you have to do is something that would put a person in danger of serious injury had there been someone in the way of a projectile. The precedent case in Oregon involves someone shooting a gun down an empty street. I can't imagine California law being much different. If his arm got bumped he could have killed any of the people in the video below.

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