Gresham Officer Taylor Letsis Stole Woman's Phone and Got Sued by ACLU

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Gresham Police Officer Taylor Letsis stole a phone from Carrie Medina in 2013. He is now being sued in federal court by Medina with support from the American Civil Liberties Union for invading her privacy and violating her rights as a journalist to record the police. She says he was intimidating and she feared for her safety. Understandable seeing as how she was just an innocent activist exercising her right to keep Letsis accountable for his actions by filming him in a public place. Then this dude that is probably trained in all sorts of lethal combat skills comes over, gets in her face, and steals her phone. She must have been terrified. Hopefully he will have to buy her a new phone and pay her phone bills for the rest of his life.

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