Greg Nyhus Poisoned the Well in Judge Stacie Beckerman's Courtroom

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The first time I was in the courtroom of U.S. Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman, Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Nyhus poisoned the well. He did that by falsely accusing me of posting the home address of former U.S. District Judge Garr M. King on this website. He did that to make Judge Beckerman think that I was a danger to the community and it worked. I was before her for a release hearing in 2017 after I had engaged in civil disobedience by violating the conditions of my release for the purpose of protesting how some of them were being unlawfully enforced. Specifically, I had hacked the computer monitoring software (Impulse Control from IPPC Technologies) that probation was using, posted online about how to do it, and created this website. None of those activities involved Judge King's home address in any way.

Nyhus appeared to choose his lies carefully to fit his audience without doing anything that would result in any consequences for him. Knowing that Judge Beckerman had to be a "judge" in order to be called "Judge Beckerman" he knew that an allegation of posting the home address of another judge would hit home with her. It did and she ordered me detained pending the resolution of my violation.

I am not bitter towards Judge Beckerman because she was fed lies instead of facts, but I am concerned. I filed a lawsuit against Multnomah County last week and drew her as the random judge assigned to the case. It wouldn't surprise me if Beckerman's well is still soiled by Nyhus' lies. Then again the case might get re-assigned and I'll have nothing to worry about.

On a related note, Nyhus once said at a hearing over a year later that "the merits are irrelevant" when it comes to supervised release. He was referring to case law that makes the merits of a criminal charge the least relevant factor when deciding whether or not to release someone. They are however still relevant. Nyhus seemed intent on using pre-trial detention as a punitive measure after my arm was broken while serving my violation. He took allegations by sheriff's deputies and got an indictment even though there was no proof to support any of the charges listed in the indictment. I was a pretrial detainee for over a year and then a couple weeks before trial something happened: a new prosecutor took over and I was offered the chance to plea to a new information with a single count of a lesser offense than any I was indicted for. So, I can say that I was absolutely 100% not guilty of everything Nyhus indicted me for.

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