Bigotry on Facebook by Former Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputies

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After exposing the social media activity of Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Sharon Huffstutter, noticed several objectionable comments by former Multnomah County deputies. Those former deputies are David Minato (, Bill Taylor (, Dawna Metcalf (, Jim Stubblefied (, and Doug Anderson (

Some of their homophobic remarks can be seen in the picture of Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner on this page. In the picture you can clearly see David Minato say, "Dude/thing is a freak"; Jim Stubblefield said, "does he just strap that meat down or did he cut it a sausage on a board?" And Doug Anderson said, "DUDE went FREAKSHOW, that's for SURE!!! The MINUTE he went from HIM to HER !!!!! (that just popped into my head)!!! LOL."

In another post, former deputy Dawna Metcalf can be seen posting happy emojis in response to a fake ad for "Sharia Halloween Costumes" that features nothing but women in the same veil.

One current deputy appears to be a follower of Huffstutter that does not voice and objections to her posts. That Deputy is Lynn Foss (

Click on the .pdf link on this page to see screenshots of Metcalf and Foss' activity as well as screenshots of these deputies where they self-associate themselves with MCSO.

These examples of the culture that exists at the MCSO are just the tip of the iceberg. These are the kinds of people that are in charge of the local jails. Do these seem like good people?

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