Unsecured Surveillance Camera is a Voyeur's Dream in Clifton, NJ

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Category: Police - Federal
Current Surveillance Address:
53 Sperling Rd

An unsecured police surveillance camera in Clifton, New Jersey is a voyeur's dream come true. Anyone can go to its URL at , take control, and start zooming in on people's windows day and night. This screenshot was created for the sole purpose of demonstrating how creepy this can be. Once someone clicks the little icon in the bottom left hand corner they change the rotation, angle, and zoom however they like. In a residential neighborhood like this one there are plenty of unsuspecting targets for anyone just waiting to see who doesn't keep their blinds shut.

Fortunately for the house on the right, their blinds were shut, but we could still tell that someone was watching TV the next room over or in that room some distance from the window.

It is not clear which house is the primary target for this thing. Unlike other police cameras we've recently exposed, there are no presets, so any one of these houses could be their target. The above address corresponds to the house with the utility pole in front of it that this camera is mounted on. It is most likely disguised as a fake transformer like others we've discovered.

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